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Summer Herb & Spice Project

Summer Herb & Spice Project

Fresh pink pedicure… Sassy hair cut… A night out dancing with the gals… This sounds like a recipe for someone who recently went through a break-up, right? In a way it kind of is! Not in the traditional sense though. I’m breaking up with myself. Intentionally choosing to start a new chapter is liberating. What’s this new chapter I speak of?

Let me explain. Two weeks ago we had our semester final exams. (Side note – one year closer to being a RD! Yay!) Understandably, my sleep-deprived and stressed body had a weakened immune system…and then came the cough and congestion. Yuck.

The old me would have immediately run to the doctor begging for a magical drug or pill to make me feel better. Most likely ending up with an antibiotic or steroid combo. THIS is where I deviated from previous habits! I broke the cycle and turned to holistic healing instead.

I flushed my system with fresh-pressed juice, water, tea, vitamins, and ensured I was getting adequate rest (even if it meant a little less studying than normal). Last Wednesday I got acupuncture and it was incredible. And I feel great – my cold is long gone! My body was able to heal naturally while rebuilding it’s defenses.

I’ve never been more grateful for a cold, because it reinforced my interest in holistic practices, specifically Integrative and Functional Nutrition (IFN)! Although I’m two semesters and one big exam away from working privately with clients, I’m going to use IFN approaches with my own health so I can truly practice what I preach πŸ™‚

This summer I’m going to explore a new herb or spice each week through the lens of a future IFN RD. I’ll post about the benefits, uses, and how to incorporate it into a meal – starting TOMORROW with cilantro. I can’t wait to see what this flavorful herb has to offer our bodies!