thoughts from a future registered dietitian

Why Dietetics?

Why Dietetics?

I thoroughly enjoy when people ask me “why did you choose dietetics?”… Not just because I love sharing my passion for food, science and nutrition, but I’ve already noticed a change in my response in the 1 year since I started the dietetics program at Mount Mary University.

My initial interest in dietetics has shifted and morphed into a deep-rooted love and respect for the entire human body. The relationship between what we consume and how it alters our physical body (inside and out) is astounding. I get excited just thinking about it! It’s a remarkable and almost magical exchange, and connects us to this earthly world.

I have always been fascinated by the balance between our primal need to eat and what triggers dietary habits in the modern world. I truly believe that food has the ability to heal and I am pleased to see an increased recognition of nutrition as part of the treatment process for disease.

Dietary choices have an even larger impact in prevention though! In my perspective, this underrated facet of healthcare should also include assessment of mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. What you eat directly influences each of these areas, along with the physical body.

So, “why dietetics?” you ask… Because eating is something we do each day. Multiple times, in fact!! My ultimate goal is to help someone alter what they consume to best meet the needs for their individual body. My interest in dietetics is beyond counting calories, macronutrients and curating an unrealistic one-size-fits all diet. Instead I’m aiming to use a holistic approach that celebrates natural ingredients. I want to encourage moderation and restoring balance – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! <3 XO